About Phase 5

Phase 5 has opened the Warehouse to offer our customers all the other wonderful shooting sports and outdoor gear the market has to offer, while keeping the same great shopping experience and outstanding level of support. We are offering select items that are made by trusted brands and used by the Phase 5 WSI staff and family.

Made In USA

Phase 5 began after our founder, Ken, designed and built a firearm component in his garage workshop. He showed the piece to a local shopkeeper, who said: “This is great. How many of them can you make for me?” ...and just like that, we were in business.

Ironically, that first component wasn’t built to start a business, or even to make money. It was built to solve a specific problem. From that day on, everything Phase 5 has made and everything we’ve done has been for the same reason: to solve problems and help people, especially the people who protect and defend us.

It’s our job—and our passion—to build the best equipment possible for these dedicated professionals. That’s why we create components that meet their specific needs. That’s why we constantly upgrade our ability to tool pieces with more precision and durability. That’s why every part and weapon we build is made in America, on American-built machines, with American-built components.

Phase 5 products allow people all over the world to perform an extremely dangerous job, perform it extremely well, and make it back home at the end of the day. There’s no better reason for us to do what we do.